Yoga 4 U @ Ballina

Yoga and Yogalates for all.

Why Yoga?

Yoga means “to join”. It is more than physical postures, and it is not calisthenics.

Yoga is defined as  Chitta Vritti Nirodha, which  translates as “stilling the fluctuations of the mind”…. finding a way to be still, observe, make sense, and appropriately read and respond to our internal and external environments.

We can do this by allowing the mind and body to speak to each other calmly, compassionately, and honestly. Breath becomes the mediator in this conversation, and the universal laws of respect for life and truth are acknowledged. The focus is not just on strengthening, or on finding greater flexibility, but on Balance…. enough strength to enable connection and support, and enough flexibility to remain sweet and resilient.

Why Yogalates ?

YOGALATES tm is a mat based movement system devised by Louise Soloman. It’s focus is on stretching and strengthening deep postural muscles and all major muscle groups. In the last years, the science behind the method has evolved to emphasize synergy between functional breath and core postural stasis. The program is true to Yoga philosophy, and  is wonderful for strengthening lower backs, post natal woman, arthritis, osteoporosis, and increasing general tone and fitness to sustain a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Some questions that arise…

Do I have to chant Om? No… the meaning is lovely though. Om is a mantra or vibration. Traditionally, it’s chanted at the beginning or end of a class. It is said to be the first sound that resonated through the vacume of the universe. Ancient yogis knew that the entire universe is constantly moving, and that everything that exists creates a vibration. Chanting Om allows us to see ourselves as part of all of this – a connection that is soothing and uplifting.

Is Yoga a religion? No… although the ethical and moral foundations of the practice are recognized as interwoven amongst almost all other philosophies.

Do I need to be flexible to join? NO..you are to come as you are. It’s interesting though, how regularly turning up for yourself gradually alters your mind and body’s strength and flexibility… values and directions become clearer.

What should I bring to class?

  • an open and curious mind
  • a bucketful of compassion
  • comfortable clothing
  • your mat/ block/ blanket/ theraband if you have them – if not, you may borrow mine – please spray the mat with my disinfectant after use – I will look after the other equipment
  • a towel to place between you and the mat – if you are borrowing my equipment
  • a water bottle
  • a body… yours is perfect

the space will be open 15 mins prior to class, please leave the premises no later than 15 mins post class  – this will control traffic density between classes