Numbers to each class are restricted to 13. To ensure a space, please book in and pay up to 2 hours prior to class.

Please read the class etiquette and sign in page before making your booking.

The Covid protection Electronic sign-in procedure is through Service NSW.  You sign in on arrival, and checkout on the APP as you leave.If you don’t have a smart phone, or forget your phone, Tracey can do this for you on her device.

All classes are 75 mins.

Mon 6.30 AM – Yogalates

Mon 8.00 AM – Yogalates

Mon 5.30 PM – Yogalates

Wed 5.30 PM – Yoga

Thurs 6.30 AM – Yogalates

Thur 8.00 AM- Yogalates

Fri 8.00 AM – Yogalates