Going Forward

With respect to Health advice issued by the AMA, I am initially planning to create more space between each of us on our mats. Class capacity is restricted at the moment, and although 20 people are permitted in the space, classes will be capped to 12 people,( approximately 5 square meters each) and if demand is there, I will add additional classes rather than turn people away( subject to club permission and availability.) This will change as healthcare protocols and restrictions ease.

Please text me up to 60 minutes prior to each class to BOOK your attendance. 0427859315. I will also have a bookings book on hand that you can forward book classes, to ensure that your mat/ space is available..

Monthly and 5 class pass prices are outlined on the classes page

sign in to the Shelly beach site

Is an electronic process through the Visitsafe website, and is mandatory for each visit, as a confirmation of visitation at this location. This is done when you arrive, by scanning a code with your smart phone and checking in. Alternatively, Tracey can do this on her device. – this is no problem. Please keep in mind that this is not a confirmation for attendance to class as this must be done through Tracey.

For everyone’s safety, please ensure that when entering the Shelly Beach SLSC for the purpose of yoga classes, you have to your knowledge 

1) not returned from overseas in the last 14 days.

2) not had contact with a person confirmed sick with covid 19, or returning from a recognized hotspot without 14 days isolation.

3) have no unusual flu like symptoms. 


The Yoga Space

~ Is stocked with hand sanitizer for you to use prior to, during, and after class.

~ The toilets have toilet paper and hand sanitizer

~EQUIPMENT – IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN, PLEASE BRING IT, IF NOT,… Mats, cushions and props are available for your use. I have a vinegar AND METHO based eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavender solution that you can wipe your mats with after each use. I will clean the other equipment. Please let me know if there are any allergies to these products. Please bring a large clean towel to put between your face and our shared equipment if you use it.

~ The surfaces in our shared space are cleaned after each class

~ Please bring your water bottle to class

Each of Us

~ Stay home if you are unwell, and I will do the same. I will let you know.

~ Lets look out for each other and be understanding and kind.

~Wash your hands regularly with soap and water / sanitizer

~ Try not to touch your eyes/ nose/ mouth

~ Social distancing 1.5 meters is mandatory

~ I won’t rub your back/ neck or offer hands on adjustments.

These are interesting times, and give us the opportunity to be mindful of the mental, emotional and physical welfare of ourselves and each other. Respect, a healthy immune system, enough rest, and the ritual of our practice are our tools!

If you have any concerns or feel that your welfare is not being supported in this space, please bring them up with me.